v*2.0 (June, 2022)*

🧭 Mission: Empathy is for everyone.

Empathy is for everyone. We help people and organizations develop skills for greater understanding, compassion, and insight via AI-powered analytics, correction, and training of empathy. More empathy equals better employee, customer, and business outcomes.

🔭 Vision: mpathic for all communication

Today we are mpathic for enterprise, tomorrow for all communication. Human trust and accurate understanding are central to all communications. That’s why we started with empathy. We are positioning mpathic to become the leader in relational AI and, more radically, to become the human translation layer in communications to better conversations on all channels.

⭐ Guiding Principles: Anti-racist, intersectional, equity lens

While start-ups are always in flux, there are some things that will never change - that’s our guiding principles. These guiding truths will remain our constant North Star.

We strive to be an anti-racist company.

We accept that inequities in education, criminal justice, housing, and many other critical life and policy areas are the result of intentional and racist institutional policies and practices. Institutional inequities exist on purpose. Our commitment to anti-racism means that we shift our focus from the intent of our actions to the outcome of our actions – we consider whether we advance racial equity or uphold racial inequity.

We strive to be intersectional.

We recognize that some folks belong to multiple historically minoritized groups. The systemic oppression individuals face is not additive but instead synergistic. In practice we view everything—from hiring to the customer to our product—as reflecting the complexity of the human experience. For example, we do not consider gender or feminism without centering race, social class and other aspects of identity. Learn more about what this means by reading Lisa Bowleg‘s research.

We strive to place an equity lens on everything we do & to engage in social justice

We actively insert racial and cultural equity into our decision-making processes, beginning with project design and through project evaluation. We have a process for identifying and addressing the impact of the design and implementation of our work on minoritized individuals and groups, and we work to identify and eliminate barriers.

⚖️ Core Values

Core values are the fundamental beliefs of the organization; they describe or define the culture. Ours are: empathy is for everyone, efficiently seek out data and feedback, move towards discomfort with safety, be playful, authentic and collaborative, and, to move fast and mindfully with integrity.